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Pawket Treats’ Newest Portable Dog Treats Dispenser

Written by Mark Braeden

On June 17th, Pawket Treats – a dog treats company based in Bent, Oregon – launched their newest innovation on Kickstarter, a portable dog treats dispenser. The company is focused on innovating specially designed portable products for dogs and is also the first to manufacture and sell dog treats designed in a roll, similar to Necco Wafers or Lifesavers. 

Mark, the founder of Pawket Treats, started in Bend, Oregon as a producer of dog treats that are the same size of a coin designed as such for the person to be able to bring it anywhere. He wanted a dog treat that you can take wherever you go. 

Pawket Treats’ Dog Treat Dispenser

“a dog feeder that you can take wherever you go”

All of the dog treats are made with superfood ingredients and this is because Pawket Treats is very passionate about keeping it green and sustainably sourcing all of its ingredients. The company uses all-natural ingredients such as peptides that help with nutrient absorption, protein synthesis, and tissue repair, carob powder which is a great source of fiber, and roots that supports healthy digestion. 

What Makes The Pawket Treats’ Dog Treat Dispenser Worth It? 

  • Portable
  • One-handed use
  • Quick and easy to fill
  • Uses all-natural ingredients for the treats
  • Anodized aluminum construction, making it dog-proof and long-lasting
  • Comes with a leash attachment, a wrist strap, or a hip clip (optional)
  • Uses biodegradable materials for the packaging and shipping materials
  • Already includes 3x refills with each dispenser
  • Reusable and recyclable
  • Extra treat: the leash sleeve has a secret pocket on its back side where you can insert some poop bag or cash if you want to, and and additional clip for your keys

Pawket Treats aims for functionality, reusability, and sustainability. As dog owners themselves, they know the pain of bringing small containers or single-use plastic bags and how messy and inconvenient it gets, and they surely know the needs and wants of other dog owners. When going out to walk your dogs, you would normally just wear light and take things you value, and putting those crumbly treats in your pockets creates a very difficult-to-clean mess. 

You may also think of just using fanny packs and plastic bags but the treats just get crushed and turn into powder which makes it messier, and you’d also have to use two hands just to get to those treats which is not very ideal while you’re holding the leash and your dog getting excited. This is how they were able to come up and innovate this portable dog treat dispenser rolls. They designed it in a way where you can easily pull a dog treat dispenser up your sleeves with just one hand, carry one around inconspicuously, and clean it up easily. 

  • Functionality. They designed their rolls such that it is very easy to use, portable, and handy. 
  • Reusability. They wanted a product that is durable and can last very long, and not a single-use product unlike Ziplock bags and other plastic bags
  • Sustainability. Pawket Treats innovators are incredibly concerned for the environment thus making it sure that all their dog treat dispensers are wrapped in biodegradable paper that uses water-based ink, and all their packaging and shipping products are also made of biodegradable materials. 

The Innovators

Pawket Treats is a group of best friends who are passionate about exploring the world. So they built a manufacturing facility in Bend, Oregon to produce portable coin-sized dog treats. This idea became a reality after getting tired of using Ziploc plastic bags and having cumb-filled pockets. They wanted something portable and handy, and this is how their very first Dog Treat Dispenser became a reality. 

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  • Mark Braeden

    Mark is a Boston University graduate and former electrical engineer. In 2017, he decided to combine his tech knowledge with his love for dogs. He spent a year familiarizing himself with the latest GPS tracking collars, invisible fences, and other hot pet gadgets before he wrote his first product review. After selling Technobark, Mark remained a writer and consultant but spends more time on his other passion now: raising and training his growing family of dogs.

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